Mirror of Eden DVD

This DVD comprises of 40 mins of stunning garden/nature images set to hauntingly beautiful music.

It is designed to instil a sense of peace and wellbeing, and is particularly suited to health services, aged care and places where a tranquil environment is important. It is high quality, and has been looped for continuous playing.

$24.95 AUD
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A big thank you to...

Fiona Musgrove: award-winning digital artist and photographer, who supplied many of the garden images from her private collection.

Andy Salvanos: world acclaimed musician and professional composer, who created the hauntingly beautiful music on a 10 string Chapman Stick.

DVD Cover - Mirror of Eden  - by Dave Bell“The music is absolutely beautiful and complements the photographs so well.”

Louise Absalom, Diversional Therapist

Here's a taste of what's on the DVD...


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