The gardener’s guide to
Growing Money Trees

The gardener’s guide to Growing Money Trees is the first in a series of books by author Dave Bell, which combines his deep love of nature, with a lifelong fascination with life, business and ‘what we learn along the way’.

The book is a photographic journey looking at the ‘big picture’ … a journey laced with humour, to reflect our observation that life seems to have a way of gently laughing at us all, even in our darkest moments.

It was produced in collaboration with photographer and award-winning landscaper James Morcom, who has been described by some as a ‘nature paparazzo’ to all our feathered and furry friends.

Dave Bell, James Morcom - author and photographerMeet the author & photographer

This book makes the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas present, special occasion … or even a treat for yourself !

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A selection of images from the book - click to see book previewBook cover - The Gardener's Guide to Growing Money Trees - by Dave bell and James Morcom

What people say

“Really clever photos. The second bad hair day - loved that photo the most. Love it! Very modern and clear, fun and intriguing. Love the colours and the typesetting.”

Jenny Edwards, Business Consultant, Geelong VIC

“It looks great, and certainly different to anything else I've seen.”

Tony Cooper, Business Owner, Adelaide SA

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