The gardeners guide to Growing Money Trees - book cover

“It’s beautiful, no it’s STUNNING! Those photos are simply stunning. I love it.”

Marie Bovenga, Medical Tech, Adelaide SA

“Really clever photos. The second bad hair day - loved that photo the most. Love it! Very modern and clear, fun and intriguing. Love the colours and the typesetting.”

Jenny Edwards, Business Consultant, Geelong VIC

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Dave Bell

The author, Dave Bell

After a rather rocky start to his working life, Dave finally graduated from the school of financial hard knocks in 2000, majoring in ‘the art of working really hard, while going broke slowly’.

Through the help of a share market savvy friend, and aided by a ‘never say die’ attitude, Dave was eventually able to turn his financial fortunes around and rise above the poverty trap.

To celebrate this achievement, he quit his day job to do something really creative. So was born ‘The gardener’s guide’, a book which took two years of blood, sweat, and fun to finish!

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Dave Bell

The photographer, James Morcom

Successful photographers always have a special talent in at least one aspect of their craft. For James Morcom, it is being in the right place at the right time to take unique photos with a humorous edge. He is in essence a nature paparazzo to all our feathered and furry friends.

The world that James shows us through the lens of his camera is one of unusual and quirky beauty, and is a reflection of the personal qualities that he posseses - keen observation, humour and love of life.

His motto ‘One good shot deserves another’ is a famous line from the Hollywood movie ‘Paparazzi’.