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The gardener’s guide to Growing Money Trees

Dave Bell

Review by: Glen Scott

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Bell. It came from an unusual source which made it all the more worthwhile when as we sat chatting over coffee I was privileged to be given a copy of his new book hot off the press!

As I turned the pages, I was amazed to see a plethora of sensitive and profound metaphors in text, a brilliant array of photographs in glorious colour capturing some of the most astounding moments in nature I have seen.

This work of art, beauty and sound knowledge is worthy of anyone’s bookshelf, or more aptly their coffee table as a talking piece for the most discerning reader or visitor. It not only captures nature’s brilliance it has a world of good advice.

Growing Money Trees is a book for everyone; Gardeners, nature lovers, or anyone wanting some unusual advice on how to make money.

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Author’s review by Dave Bell

In 2006, James Morcom and I won the ABC Radio Talkback Gardening Award of Excellence at the 2006 Landscape Association’s of SA’s Awards for our garden in John’s Rd Prospect. Some three years earlier, I had started working on a book based on landscapes, gardens and our shared love of the natural world. Now finally after five years of blood, sweat and fun, The gardener’s guide to Growing Money Trees, our quirky photographic guide to life, love and money is finished.

We built gardens, James photographed their construction. The jobs and the locations were varied, but James’s camera was omnipresent. And then there were the photos of unusual or striking places, people or creatures, captured in the moment. The shots are unique, humourous, and quirky.

The gardener’s guide is a book that will surprise you ... sometimes funny, sometimes serious, often about money, always about life ... a collection of snapshots that reveal what nature can teach us about the bigger picture.

So enjoy this fascinating look at wealth and happiness. Who knows, you may even catch a glimpse of the elusive money tree along the way.

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